Myth 3 - You Need to Use Sterile Gloves

equipment management myth preparation Jul 03, 2022
Clean gloves are safe and are cheaper

This may cause surgeons to have chest pain, but there is no need to wear sterile gloves when repairing a laceration. Let me say that again, you don't need sterile gloves to sew up a laceration. Think about it, the dirty skin just got cut by a dirty object. Using sterile gloves isn't going to make that wound cleaner. The "clean" gloves that come in a box are just as good as the sterile gloves. They are easier to find and a heck of a lot cheaper, like $.03 per pair compared to $1.50. Some people may like the feel of sterile gloves and insist on using them. Totally fine! Just be assured that you don't have to use them. Here is a study to back this up.

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