Emergency Medicine Residents Have to Be Ready on July 1

emergency medicine management preparation Sep 10, 2021
emergency medicine laceration repair

EM residents are expected to hit the ground running when it comes to seeing and managing patients with lacerations. It is one of the defining skills of emergency medicine and we take pride in our ability to repair lacerations. All interns will have done at least one EM rotation and possibly a stint on the trauma service and likely know some of the basics. Some residency programs may offer a dedicated time for lectures devoted to this early on. The problem is that it may be 3 or 4 months before they have their first EM rotation and will have forgotten most everything they were taught.

The beauty of The Laceration Course is that it can be accessed through a group subscription for every resident in your program. The lectures can be watched at any time. The slides can be downloaded and printed off for the resident to take notes. They can even download the audio of the course for listening to away from their computer. If they need a quick refresher on nerve blocks or other techniques-they can go back at any time. The course is also available to any rotating student that comes through your program. Also available for off-service interns. They can watch the videos on their own or together in a group setting and your faculty can then discuss and answer questions.

Having The Laceration Course as part of your curriculum will get your residents better prepared faster and free up time for faculty to teach other content. Built in assessments with every lecture keep them accountable.

For more information visit our residency subscriptions page or contact Dr. O'Malley directly at [email protected] 



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