EB Medicine "Ties The Knot" With The Laceration Course

Jul 21, 2022

EB Medicine has joined forces with The Laceration Course to offer high-impact training guaranteed to build skills and boost clinical confidence.

The Laceration Course is designed to help clinicians master essential suturing skills and laceration techniques. This online video course covers the anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and mechanics of lacerations – from simple to complex wound repairs – with step-by-step guidance, demos, and practical tips to make the lessons stick. It presents current best practices, all backed by evidence, many of which may challenge and change the way you do things from now on. 

The Laceration Course was developed by Dr. Patrick O’Malley, a board-certified emergency physician with more than 15 years of experience. He has worked in a number of community emergency departments and urgent cares of varying sizes and acuity levels.

To celebrate the addition of The Laceration Course to our family of evidence-based resources with practical application, EB Medicine is happy to offer 25% off the price of any product through July 31, 2022. Click Here and apply the code "TLC25" to save. You have to check out their new journal, Evidence Based Urgent Care!

If you have not yet purchased The Laceration Course, use coupon "TLC25" for 25% off through July 31, 2022. Just click here!

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