Laceration Management For The Primary Care Clinician

equipment management preparation primary care Jul 12, 2021
primary care clinicians should be able to manage lacerations in the office

Primary care clinicians are the true engine of the healthcare system. Unfortunately, overly complex patients, 15 minute visits, prior authorizations, insurance hassles and administrative tasks eat away at the ability to work patients in for things such as lacerations.

Having worked in the ER and urgent care for about 15 years now, I have taken care of a lot of patients who state they called their PCP to manage a small laceration, only to be told that they can't do it and to go to urgent care. If patients routinely get this message, they will start going to urgent care for all their acute needs. Don't let that happen!! Lost revenue, lost trust, and incongruous care for your patients.

I have a lecture dedicated to primary care clinicians on how they can incorporate laceration management into their practice. Simple tips to make it possible-getting your front office and nursing staff on board, a list of essential tools/equipment, having a dedicated are for procedures and equipment. Follow this link for the free laceration management lecture for primary care.


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