Physician Assistant and Nurse Practitioner Students

Jul 03, 2022

PA and NP school is much shorter than medical school. The amount of time to cram everything you need to learn is limited. Most new grads do not choose to do a focused training program after school and go straight into the workforce. If you will be working in an acute setting-primary or urgent care or the emergency department-are you ready to manage lacerations? Your only exposure may have been on a month-long rotation in the ED or urgent care, and chances are you have only had a handful of lacerations to repair yourself. Your attending may or may not have had the opportunity to truly teach everything you need to know. Having this course available as a student in PA or NP school has several advantages. You can watch the lectures at any time. You can go back and watch the, over and take the courses with you when you hit the real world. You can always go back to them. Please contact me if you are a student or work with a PA or NP school. I want to make this course accessible to everyone-group discounts available.  

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