Proper Positioning

management preparation Jul 03, 2022
Pay attention to positioning and body mechanics when suturing

I have to say that hunching over to repair a laceration is one thing I always end up regretting, getting old sucks. There are a few things you can do to make sure that you are protecting yourself when doing a laceration repair. Have the patient lie or sit so that the wound is close to you, don't reach over the patient to repair something on the opposite side of their body. Elevate the bed to the height you need. Consider sitting on a chair or stool and have the lacerated body part on the stretcher or bedside table so it is comfortable for you to work. Sit or stand up straight, avoid hunching if at all possible. If its a long or complicated repair, stop halfway and walk around, check the status of the department, stretch, come back to finish up. Having a back spasm at hour 3 of a 12 hour shift is no fun-take care of yourself!

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