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emergency medicine Mar 06, 2021
emergency medicine

Prior to going to medical school, I worked as  a tech in the emergency department of a large teaching hospital. Prior to starting, I had no idea what emergency medicine was. I was quickly thrown into the hustle and bustle of an urban teaching hospital, busy Level 1 trauma center. I fell in love with emergency medicine on day one. I was able to observe and help the physicians taking care of lacerations and other soft tissue injuries. One day, one of the senior surgery residents took me upstairs to the trauma ICU and, under supervision of course, helped me repair my first laceration. It was an incredible feeling and experience. I guess you could say my passion for laceration management was born. During residency, teaching faculty gave a five day course on laceration management the first few weeks of our intern year to prepare us to be able to manage these injuries from the get-go. Those lectures inspired me to do something similar, and The Laceration Course was created. Over the years, I have repaired hundreds of lacerations, developed a wound irrigation device, and lectured on the topic of lacerations. This blog will serve to expand on topics found within the lecture series. If there is something in particular that you want to learn about, send me an email and I will work to get additional topics added to the blog. 

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