Experience With A Passion For Teaching

Dr. Patrick O'Malley is a board-certified emergency physician with 15+ years experience of managing lacerations. He has lectured at the Urgent Care Association National Conference, developed a wound irrigation device, and has done consulting work for medical device companies. He is passionate about helping other clinicians gain confidence in laceration management.

Laceration management and suturing are an essential skill for all clinicians working in the acute setting, whether it is in the emergency department, urgent care, or primary care clinic setting.

Managing lacerations is 90% knowledge and preparation, 10% suturing skill. The Laceration Course is a seven lecture series covers the basics such as anatomy, physiology, pharmacology. Nerve blocks, animal bites, aftercare, documentation, billing and coding are discussed.

Basic and advanced suturing technique videos from a world renowned plastic surgeon are included. Participants will have the tools needed to become confident in managing lacerations and other common soft tissue injuries.

Target Audiences 

Medical, PA, and NP Students

This course will give you the essential information to confidently enter your clinical rotations ready to care for patients with lacerations. If you are planning to work in an acute setting such as urgent care or the emergency department, you must take this course. Student discounts available.



*NOTE: Student and resident package does NOT include CME credits.



Medical, PA, and NP Schools

Allow The Laceration Course self directed video lectures to give your students and residents the ability to confidently manage lacerations. This can save your school significant time and money by not having to arrange numerous in-person didactic lessons from clinical staff with busy schedules. Learners can access this course on their own and be prepared to hit the ground running. Talk to us about group discounts.



Practicing Clinicians

Maybe it’s been a while since you have sutured a wound or you have started a new job and will now be managing patients with lacerations. The last lecture goes into aspects of billing and coding to ensure that you are getting properly reimbursed for your expertise.


*Note: Both CME and non-CME versions of The Laceration course are available.



Residency Programs

Emergency medicine residency programs-get your interns off on the right foot. This lecture series will give them vital knowledge to start suturing and managing complex lacerations on July 1. Other specialties may not have a focused module on laceration management, but will be rotating through the ED and will be expected to manage lacerations. This frees up faculty to focus on other topics. Talk to us about group discounts.


Urgent Care Owners

Lacerations are the most common procedure done in the urgent care setting. Give your clinicians the tools they need to confidently manage lacerations. Talk to us about group discounts.




Emergency Department Directors

You may oversee clinical operations in a busy emergency department  and have advanced practice providers who need additional training with acute wound care management. This course will ensure that they are up to speed and able to manage lacerations, provide excellent care and improve throughput. Talk to us about group discounts.




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